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Product Info

Notes on powering up the GT40

Please make sure that your board is at round 70%-100% of charge and do not under any circumstances hot plug the GT40 when your board is turned on. Always plug in the GT40 before you turn on the board.

Do you charge it like you normally would with either a Pint home charger or an ultracharger?  Would that charge both the stock battery and the GT40 at the same time?

YES, you will charge your pint with the GT40 connected, and the GT40 gets charged simultaneously. Preferably with the XR charger or the Pint ultracharger. (63V 3A) Before charging, you need to make sure the GT40 and Pint are connected. 

How long does it take to charge from 0%-100%?

With the GT40 mod, your Pint capacity will be around 8Ah, so with a 63V 3A charger, It takes around 2.5hr to fully charge it.


Would it damage the controller if you tried to remove the protective pad?

Remove the protective pad will not damage your controller.


If we're not able to use the app while riding, can it still log your ride and track distance and speed?  What kind of information is the app able to provide?

The app will still log your distance travelled, you can check the app when you start the ride and check the app when you stop the ride, the odometer will still record your trip and odo.


How do I check the battery percentage after the mod?

The battery light bar on the Pint will still display the percentage correctly, you can check the light bar for battery percentage. A full bar will be around 40km or 25 miles.

Is the process reversible?  Could I simply unplug the GT40 parallel power cable and  plug in the original power cable to bring it back to using the stock battery if necessary?

The process is reversible, just remove everything you installed.


Does it use both the GT40 battery and the original battery to gain full distance? If so, does the GT40 first depleted then the original battery, or the other way around?
The board will use the GT40 and the internal battery in the same time, the percentage you get from the app indicates the GT40 percentasge as well.

Can I use the GT40 on C&R magnetic fender?

Yes, you can. Will from Australia has already done it and shared with us. Credits to Will!