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Engineering behind GT40's aluminum body
10.12.2021 | John Ivy | GT40 Engineering

Onewheel operates in harsh environment, vibrations, shocks, sometimes it rolls on the ground, to make a reliable external battery for onewheel, it calls for a strong casing.

To fit on the top of the fender, we designed the aluminum body to have a curvature, with pocket inside to firmly hold the cells inside, the body is pushed out of a die and extruded into this shape, with the wall thickness of 2mm, coupled with ribs inside, it can take a hard hit and remain its structural integrity.


The extrusion of this body was not easy to make, to be honest, we failed 3 times, and after 9 months of trying, we finally got it to produce stable extrusion that fits for CNC machining.

CNC machining, how hard can it be? It turns out to be a headache as well, due to its shape, it was difficult to clamp it on the bed of CNC machine, we tried several different method and landed on this fixture that has 2 thick walls and jaws to clamp it using a pricision vise.

We put our heart and soul into this project, spent countless of sleepless night at machining factory because they had to do production at day, we were only allowed to operate at night when the line is not in use. But knowing thousands of riders around the globe will have fun with it, go on exciting exploration with it, we feel the stoke and it powers us forward.