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General Info

The GT40 will work for all firmware and hardware of Pint, except for firmware Gemini 5059 or Gemini 5069. For pint 5059 you will need a JWFFM chip for it to work.
The GT40 will work on XR hardware 4206, 4208, 4209, 4210  with firmware prior to 4150.
The GT40 will not work on XR firmware 4155 or above.
The GT40 will work on Hardware 4210 or higher but you will need to keep app disconnected while riding. You can still check app, but you'll need to disconnect GT40.

How to check Onewheel Pint hardware version?

Connect your board with the Onehweel app. Press the Onewheel text just above the digital shaping or swipe upwards. Then press diagnostics.

Here you can see your Hardware and Firmware version and a lot of other information about our board.

Would this also work on the new Pint X? 

This will not work on Pint X since FM have banned the range mods from firmware.

Will it work with Chi Quart or JWpint internal battery?

Yes it will, just ride with the app disconnected, with the Quart battery, we tested 57.5km range on it, 10km more than the gt40+ pint og battery.