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FLASH SALE!!! GT40 Range Extend Modification Kit

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GT40 is a range booster that aims to extend the range on the onewheel pint and XR, it feeds power from an external battery pack into your main power lead in the front compartment of your board.

By installing this kit, you will almost tripple your Pint's range, almost double your XR‘s range. (Tested in real life, 190lbs rider gets 47.5km (29.5miles) of range on a 20psi tyre, the Pint in the test has 18k miles on it, and the GT40 still improved the range siginificantly.)

The GT40 is super easy to install, It does not require any soldering, everything is plug&play out of the box. we have included every tool you need to complete the installation.

The Pint and XR still remains water proof after the installation of GT40, you dont have to damage the seal of your controller box.

The GT40 will work for all firmware and hardware of Pint, except for firmware Gemini 5059 or Gemini 5069. For pint 5059 and 5069 you will need a owiechip(or JWFFM chip) for it to work.

The GT40 will work on XR hardware 4206, 4208, 4209, 4210  with firmware prior to 4150, please note that the GT40 comes with pint connection kit in the box, if you want to install the GT40 on your XR, you will need to buy this
XR connection kit.

The GT40 will work on Hardware 4210 or higher but you will need to keep app disconnected while riding. You can still check app, but you'll need to disconnect GT40.The GT40 will not work on XR firmware 4155 or above and you will need a owiechip(or JWFFM chip) for it to work.

The GT40 has a capacity of 63V 5Ah, after the modification, your pint will be at 63v 8Ah(internal 3Ah external 5Ah), the chibattery quart or jwpint will be at 63v 4.2Ah which is about half as much as a gt40 mod however at a higher/same price compared to GT40.

You can still use the OW app with GT40, but you will have to ride with the app turned off, otherwise the board will slow you down and it require a power on/off cycle to clear the warnings.

The battery indicator on the footpad will still display your battery level very accurately, you can use the light bar as your main source of information of how much battery is left, however if you prefer the app, the battery percentage will remain accurate in the app. You dont have to check a chart to know how much battery you have left like in a internal battery mod. When you done checking the APP, you need to power cycle your board.

On the first time connection, please make sure your board is at around 70%~100% of charge and only plug in the GT40 before you turn on the Pint/XR. That means plug in the GT40, and then turn on Pint/XR. When your Pint/XR is on, turn it off first, plug in GT40, and then turn on Pint/XR. Before charging, you need to make sure the GT40 and Pint/XR are connected. Check your tyre pressure before you test the range because it can affect the range significantly, 190lbs rider gets 27.5km on a 13psi tyre, and 47.5km with a 20psi tyre.

Check out the installation tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4azdMc1MQQs

For more information, please refer to FAQ page.

-How do you charge the GT40?

-GT40 gets charged the same time as your pint charges, GT40 will be 100% full when your board reach 100%.


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